Commercial Appraisers & Market Analysts

The Cronkright Company, LLC is a Lansing based commercial appraisal & consulting firm founded by Timothy Cronkright in 2014. We offer expert real estate consultants and commercial appraisers, and specialize in complex commercial appraisals and litigation support. Our offices are centrally located in Lansing, and we provide appraisals services to most major markets in the state of Michigan. It is our goal to provide the highest level of professionalism, due diligence and courtesy to our clients and property owners. By working with the Cronkright Company, you can be assured of extensive due diligence, credible commercial appraisals and timely delivery.

We look forward to working with you on your next appraisal project.

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Michigan Commercial Appraisers

Timothy Cronkright is an experienced commercial appraiser and operates from our main offices in Lansing, Michigan. Mr. Cronkright is supported by a team of independent, qualified and licensed appraisers. Our staff offers decades of combined experience with a diverse background in construction, finance, environmental science. We have completed numerous commercial appraisals in our local area (Lansing, Michigan) as well as statewide and throughout the Midwest.

Along with general commercial appraisals and residential properties, our experience includes a number of specialized property types such as gas stations, bowling alleys, hotels, easement appraisals, dairy farms and agricultural crop land appraisals. More information on our team can be found in the company profile.

Real Estate Research & Analysis

As commercial appraisers, our focus is on appropriate due diligence, expert analysis, well presented work products and extensive quality control.  There are many real estate valuation products available today, but only a qualified real estate appraiser can assure you of the credible analysis and reliable information you need.  The technology and tools available to modern appraisers make it easy for many to rely on a database or third party software to cut corners. We don’t.  To the greatest extent possible, we verify our market research with all available sources, interview property owners & brokers, review active listings and consult with market participants. When you work with the Cronkright Company, you can be assured of this level of diligence on every appraisal and consulting project.

Our Clients

Our clients include attorneys, regional banks, local credit unions, corporations and property owners throughout the state of Michigan.  Clients can rely on us to provide credible analysis and effective due diligence on all projects. References and sample reports are available as appropriate. Please contact [email protected] for all client inquiries.