Commercial Appraisal

Commercial appraisal covers a broad range of property types. Industrial buildings, office centers, retail stores and apartments are all considered ‘commercial’ property types. But, these uses are substantially different from each other. Commercial appraisal requires familiarity with many different property types.   Understanding how to appraise a wide range of properties requires experience and expertise. The Cronkright Company can provide the commercial appraisal services you need.

Commercial Appraisals

The Cronkright Company offers appraisal services throughout the state of Michigan. While economic conditions have had a severe impact in many areas of the state, local market conditions can vary substantially.  Understanding how a specific property interacts with the local market is a vital part of a quality appraisal.

Local Markets

Market conditions in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing and many other areas in Michigan can change greatly by property type and location.  Adequately understanding local market areas requires more than proximity.  A commercial appraiser needs the experience, skills and ability to complete current, credible market research for every commercial appraisal.

Experienced Appraisers

The Cronkright Company puts experienced appraisers where they are needed: in the field. Our appraisers are  competent professionals with many years of appraisal experience. Every property is inspected by a State Licensed or State Certified General Real Estate Appraisers.  Clients can be assured that each appraised property will be fully inspected by a qualified commercial appraiser. The Cronkright Company does not rely on trainee appraisers to complete field work.

Credible Results

We approach every project as a blank slate, with current market research, comparable verification, unbiased analysis and quality commercial appraisals completed for every assignment. The Cronkright Company stands ready to put our experience to work for you.